The case for Countertop Resurfacing……..very often, older laminate countertops can quickly start to look tatty, with edging coming loose, areas where scratches can result from cutting directly on the surface due to negligence, and areas of water damage can cause unsightly swelling. Corain and other manufactured countertops’ color schemes tend to go out of fashion, and as a homeowner/landlord, you are presented with a few choices:


One solution is to replace…….with more laminate is the most economical option, in the price hierarchy, granite replacement is the next step up, and then the most fashionable right now is to replace with Quartz.


There is, however, another option, besides replacing countertops or tile countertops and sinks, and that is to make repairs where possible, and resurface the existing countertop/sink in place. We provide various types of resurfacing, such as tile countertop refinishing, to cater to your renovation needs.

Advantages to Countertop Resurfacing:

  • This is often the least intrusive, you can use your countertop until the day of the resurfacing, and it doesn’t require large teams of installers in your house.
  • No long lead times after templating.
  • Normally the most economical solution.
  • Convenient – when resurfacing an existing sink, you can use it until the day of the resurfacing, and there is no need to schedule multiple trips for plumbers or other 3rd parties.
  • For those Environmentally friendly folks, there is also the added benefit of keeping the old countertops out of the landfill 😊
  • Professional Countertop Refinishing– It including resurfacing tile countertops, ensures that your countertops are expertly restored to their original beauty and functionality, saving you time and money compared to full replacements.
  • you can choose your colorand finish based on your kitchen, flooring, tiles, lighting, etc; either a solid color, or a stone finish, also known as a multifleck option, then the choice of topcoat includes:
    • Satin spray-on epoxy
    • Semi-gloss spray-on epoxy
    • Gloss spray-on epoxy (a relatively thin layer),
    • A thick high-gloss pour-on epoxy finish.

Sinks and basins

These can also tend to look worn-out, especially lighter colors which can stain easily, so they are also excellent candidates for resurfacing. See here below a few examples of both countertops, and sinks that have been repaired, and resurfaced, before, and after, then let us know how we can help you!