If your Kitchen Cabinets are relatively sound, and your kitchen design is satisfactory, you can experience that “new” look and feel without the inconvenience and associated costs involved in a full tear-out renovation.

A transformation can take place, where your older cabinet facades can be refinished (spray-painted) to a color of your choice. We can upgrade your kitchen cabinet, from drawers runners to self-close, soft-close, your hinges can also be upgraded to the newer soft-close hinges, and switching out the hardware will also make a wonderful fresh difference. Crown and light valences can also be added.

Here is an opportunity to be creative if that’s something that you want to try. Perhaps the perimeter can be refinished to one color, and the island a different matching color, or perhaps the uppers and lowers refinished to different matching colors

Try resurfacing your kitchen cabinets for an affordable and efficient way to refresh your kitchen’s appearance.

All refinishing products used are KCMA (Kitchen Cabinetry Manufacturer Association) approved and should extend the life of your kitchen for several years to come!

Kitchen refinishing - Before
Kitchen refinishing - After

Kitchen Cabinetry Refinishing Options

Replacing doors prior to refinishing
Replacing doors prior to refinishing

 – Door Replacement prior to Refinishing

If your Kitchen design and cabinets are still acceptable, but the doors are old-fashioned, or you have the older exposed hinges, we have an ideal solution!

We can replace your doors with new, refinishing to your choice of color, upgrading your hinges in the process. The result gives your kitchen a magnificant contemporary look, without breaking the bank!

Cabinetry Modifications prior to Kitchen Refinishing

This Customer wasn’t happy with the original design of their kitchen. They wanted a new Island, as opposed to the existing peninsula. A lot of extra cabinetry work ensued, drawer runners upgraded, and completely underwent kitchen cabinet refurbishing, finished in Sherwin Williams Extra White as part of the kitchen resurfacing process.

Cabinetry modification prior to refinishing
Cabinetry modifications prior to refinishing

 – Kitchen Refinishing in Different colors (Base and Uppers)

Here is an example where the client decided to have the uppers and base kitchen cabinets repainted in different colors.. The choice had to be in keeping with the existing Countertop. They chose a satin “Spare White” for their uppers and a “Pewter Green” for the base cabinets. It was a great decision and the result was a stunning contemporary refinished Kitchen. We are ready to guide you through this home-altering process!

Kitchen refinished in white and pewter green

– Kitchen Refinishing in Different colors (Perimeter and Island)

The homeowners of this early 2000’s house opted for kitchen cabinets restoration, choosing to refinish their kitchen in a Sherwin Williams “Alabaster White” satin for the perimeter, and “Indigo Blue” for the Island.

Refinishing color-change to darker
Refinishing color-change to darker
Refinishing color-change to darker
Refinishing color-change to darker

 – Kitchen Cabinetry Refinish, color-change to darker

Although more than 95% of the refinishing we do, comprises of color changes to a solid, painted finish, we still have Clients that like the wood finish but want to go darker. Here is an example where the cabinetry and doors were first stained using General Finishes Products, and then top-coated with a semi-gloss clear laquer